Family Devotional

Essential Connections Magazine


“Hybrid Family Trees”


A group of college students are divided into small groups and given an assignment that sounds simple enough. After reading an essay about nontraditional families each group is asked to write a three or four sentence definition for the word family. The teacher allots about fifteen minutes of class time to the assignment, but two entire periods go by before she finally puts and end to the heated debates the question sparks! Weeks later the students still find their way to the controversial topic of family in class discussions, and a few students have stopped speaking to each other over the issue entirely!


            Based on the real world situations we operate in every day, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly who or what qualifies as an authentic family. The average person is likely to fulfill multiple family roles at once, including biological parent, stepparent, spouse, ex-spouse, child, stepchild, or any combination thereof! Stressful situations are almost guaranteed when so many relationships exist within the realm of one family.


            God’s often called omniscient because He’s all knowing, which means He has even the most diverse family figured out. Anyone who learns to be honest with God about their anxiety and confusion over family matters finds peace, clarity and stability. God promises us the strength and wisdom we need for dealing with anything life throws our way, including divorce, re-marraige, separated parents, or any other situation we find ourselves living in! He isn’t limited to families made of Mom, Dad, Junior, Sis and Rover.


As Christians, we’re part of a family whose members can be found living in heaven and earth, and we have a perfect Father! Read Ephesians 3:14-19 to find out about the wonders of being an heir of God.