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Why Ask Why?

Question Marks Are Good


Job is one of the most godly and prestigious men in the Bible, yet he’s famous for loosing everything he had, including his house, his children, his friends and his reputation.  In the end, he triumphed over his devastating circumstances, but in the meantime he was overflowing with questions for God. Job openly expressed his confusion over the seemingly pointless agony he was going through. No one would be able to solemnly accept the kinds of unfair dealings Job experienced without throwing up his hands and screaming, “Why?”


God knows we are finite and can only see as far as our logic will allow. He doesn’t expect us to sit quietly like meager slaves at the hands of a cruel master and passively accept anything rotten life brings our way. In John 15:15 Jesus says, “I no longer call you servants. . . Instead I called you friends.” Wouldn’t you express your true feelings to a friend, especially to a friend who’s been through so many difficult circumstances himself that he surely understands what you mean?


Asking questions of God isn’t wrong; it’s natural. You won’t ruin His day by expressing your true feelings. Just before Jesus went to the cross, He stayed up all night struggling with what He was about to do. He was so upset he sweated drops of blood. If God can handle His Son’s heartbreaking turmoil, He can handle your questions, your tears, your anger, and your confusion. He is GOD after all!


Discover the accessibility of God and his willingness to hear you out in 1 Peter 3:12.